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Attorney Jennifer Ani is a renown family law attorney in San Francisco and a zealous advocate for her clients rights. Ani’s law practice includes Juvenile Dependency and Family Law litigation as well as guardianship, adoption, civil rights, juvenile immigration status, marital agreements and dissolution (divorce) mediation, VAWA self-petitions, domestic violence, defense of CPS and child abuse allegations, and legal malpractice. The Law Office of Jennifer Ani provides reasonably priced, competent, and when appropriate, aggressive legal services. Jennifer Ani offers a free initial consultation for your Family Law, Divorce, or Juvenile Dependency matter.

“It’s a legal system, not a justice system.”
– Jen Ani

What People are Saying

Jen Ani is a real fighterJen is a force to be reckoned with. She got my case dismissed in a dcfs matter with in the first hearing. In a world where there are many attorneys who will take your money and sell you out Jen will fight for your family like no other. -Rachel
TrustTime has shown me that not only she is compassionate and extremely engaged in her cases, she fights with the right tools. I had to learn to trust her methods and I am beyond satisfied with the results. -Natasha
One of the best.If you are fortunate enough to have Jennifer Ani on your side, then you've already won. Jennifer is an extremely knowledgeable attorney who gives it her all. "Bar none", she is one of the best out there. -A Family Client
“What sets her above other attorneys is the fact that she neither waivers, negotiates or folds when it comes to defending her clients interests, regardless of the opposition[...] When you need a watch dog, you don't choose a Maltese, you choose a Pitbull, who fights till the end.In the same way if you are in jeopardy of losing your children, Jennifer Ani is a Pitbull!” -Tammi


Please note, if you are from outside CA, Attorney Jennifer Ani is licensed in CA, and practices in CA only.
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