How to Deal with CPS Workers at Your Door


Do not let your child become a victim of legal kidnapping. Protect your child from the corruption of Child Protective Services by knowing your rights. If a CPS worker knocks on your door, follow the tips below to ensure the safety your child.

  1. You have the right to remain silent. Should you give up this right anything you say can and will be twisted out of proportion and used against you in a court of law. Stay calm, be polite and ask about the accusations against you. Offer no information whatsoever.
  2. Ask to see a search warrant. According to the fourth amendment of the US constitution you have the right to be secure in you person, houses, papers and effects against unreasonable searches and seizures and they must obtain a warrant. CPS workers are trained to coerce and manipulate their way into your home but they can’t enter without your permission or a court order. It’s not uncommon to for a worker to miss represent a few toys on the floor and a few breakfast dishes in the sink as a messy house and you as an unfit parent.
  3. Sign nothing except upon the advice of an attorney. Remember they are there to gather evidence against you and signing their papers such as service plans and releases of information are their way of getting you to admit guilt or getting your permission to get all the evidence needed to snatch your kid
  4. Document everything. Get a notebook and record times, dates and names of every person you talk to, every phone call you make and every appointment you go to. Collect all of the paperwork you get and organize everything by date. Doing this from the start will help you later on down the line if this goes any further.
  5. If at all possible talk to a lawyer immediately.
  6. Never trust a social worker who is there to investigate you. They will lie, twist your words, fabricate evidence and forge documents to take your child from you.

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The tips above were taken from “Officer Friendly’s Safety Tips for Dealing with Child Protection Workers.”